Phone: 1 (403) 440-8444
Fax: 1 (403) 440-8446


Miistakis Institute
Rm U271
Mount Royal University
4825 Mount Royal Gate SW
Calgary AB T3E 6K6


All Miistakis Institute staff may be reached at an email address matching If you wish to send an email to the Miistakis Institue in general, substitute first name with institute.

Physical Location

We are in the Research Centre in “U” Wing of Mount Royal University (the Recreation wing). The closest entrance is the one marked ‘Recreation Entrance’ on all MRU maps.

After entering through the ‘Recreation Entrance’ continue down a wide hall until you meet a spiral staircase going down. Without going down, turn right and continue past a series of cafeteria-style tables toward the gymnasium track. You will shortly come face to face with a cougar … (the MRU mascot). On your left is the entrance to the Research Centre. After passing through the door continue down the narrow hall until you reach Rm 271 on your right (about 2/3 of the length).

The green dotted line on this map, takes you from the Recreation Entrance to our office. You can find maps for the entire campus here.

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