ALSA's Conservation Tools for Municipalities Webinar Series


The conservation and stewardship tools under the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) have huge applicability for municipalities, but few municipal personnel are aware of these tools. Even for those who are aware, they are not always clear on the practical aspects of how these tools could help a municipality with their conservation goals.

The ALSA Tools for Municipalities webinars brought four experts together, each speaking on one of ALSA’s conservation and stewardship tools, with the aim of starting to bridge this gap. Each webinar in the series ran live for an hour, on the dates below. You can now download a PDF of the slide deck or listen to the recording for each -- click the "Highlights" tab, above.

Conservation Easements: Tuesday January 24, 2017
Kim Good, Legacy Land Trust Society
see the 'Highlights' tab for the presentation slides and a link to the webinar recording

Transfer of Development Credits: Tuesday January 31, 2017
Guy Greenaway, Miistakis Institute
see the 'Highlights' tab for the presentation slides

Conservation Directives: Tuesday February 7, 2017
Jason Unger, Environmental Law Centre

Conservation Offsets: Tuesday February 14, 2017
Dave Poulton, Poulton Environmental Strategies Inc. & the Alberta Association for Conservation Offsets

Our thanks go to our partners in this project:

The Environmental Law Centre, the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, the Max Bell Foundation, and an anonymous foundation.

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