Alberta Land Trust Community Meeting


In the fall of 2011, the Miistakis Institute undertook a process to bring the Alberta land trust community together for a meeting to discuss and map the future of Alberta’s land trust community.

Working with the Alberta Land Trust Alliance, Miistakis developed an interview and workshop process, culminating in a meeting in Red Deer, Alberta on December 1, 2011. All active land trusts in Alberta were contacted prior to the meeting by Miistakis and asked if they would participate in the meeting. They were also interviewed (regardless of their ability to attend the meeting), and the results of those questions were presented back at the December 1 meeting, becoming the basis of the discussion.

The meeting began with a context setting piece, followed by two exercises on the “Challenges” and “Opportunities”. In the afternoon those opportunities were ‘mapped’ to the challenges, with a plenary discussion on strategies that would use the opportunities to address the challenges. The final step was to prioritize the suggested strategies with a ‘dotmocracy’ exercise.

A final report (see Project Highlights) was created and presented back to the land trust community as a whole, and to the Alberta Land Trust Alliance which documented the process, catalogued the strategies, and identified short- and medium-term next steps.

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