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Since legislation was introduced in Alberta in 1996, conservation easements (CEs) have become an increasingly familiar aspect of the rural landscape in Alberta. Approximately a dozen non-profit groups are eligible to hold conservation easements in Alberta. Because of the relative newness and the relative dearth of CEs, many conservation agencies, municipalities, real estate professionals and landowners remain unclear on the details and nuances of the various conservation easement programs. They are likewise unclear on the mandates of the various organizations, and how they differ. Additionally, though basic familiarity with the CE tool is growing, the potential that conservation easements have as the foundation of broader conservation programs is still only starting to be realized.

In 2003, Corvus Conservation, with the support of the Alberta Real Estate Foundation, created a booklet called “Programs and Possibilities: Conservation Easements in Alberta.” The booklet catalogued and contrasted the various CE programs in Alberta, providing basic information that landowners would want to know regarding the intent and administration of those programs. It also included a description of several broader applications of CEs, and several resources of use to conservation-minded landowners.

Miistakis is now re-creating that Programs and Possibilities resource, as well as adding new functionality afforded by the Internet. The updated resource will have a similar intent and structure (what is a CE, what is a land trust, catalogue of Alberta CE programs, using the tool, and resources). The new resource has been re-written from scratch, taking advantage of a web format to provide the information. The primary audience for this resource is individual landowners and their communities who are looking for information on the private land conservation options available to them.

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