Practical Guide to Transfer Of Development Credits in AB


The Practical Guide to Transfer Of Development Credits (TDCs) in Alberta web site was created as an on-line resource for Alberta communities, to assist them in better understanding what a TDC program is, and how it can be used to conserve valued landscapes.

The pressure to convert valued landscapes to more economically powerful ones challenges municipalities in Alberta, who are seeking to balance their communities’ desires for both increased development and lasting conservation. The Transfer of Development Credits (TDCs) tool is being considered by several Alberta municipalities as it is a market-based tool that allows development potential to be severed and transferred through a market-based financial transaction.

There are a handful of Alberta-based experts who can guide municipalities through the steps of establishing a TDC program, but basic, accessible information is in short supply. The Practical Guide to Transfer of Development Credits in Alberta provides a pragmatic, user-friendly, but comprehensive resource for communities in Alberta seeking to understand if the TDC tool would work for their issues, and if so, how they would apply it.

The site was made possible through the generous support of an anonymous foundation and the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.


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