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Fall 2012

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Volunteers Needed for Wolverine Watch

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"Wanted: Volunteers for a wolverine hair trap survey this winter. Must be willing to ski in difficult terrain, carry a backpack with a 10- to 14-kg frozen beaver carcass inside and follow science protocol. Winter backcountry and wilderness experience required. Positive attitude a plus." This excerpt from a Calgary Herald article by Colette Derworiz has helped to generate significant interest in volunteer opportunities for a wolverine survey which is part of Highway Wilding's research and monitoring program. The purpose of the wolverine survey is to collect information on the status and distribution of wolverines in Banff, Yoho and Kootenay parks, and also to determine the effects of the TransCanada highway on wolverine movement. If becoming involved in scientific research by skiing to remote places in our mountain national parks with a beaver carcass on your back appeals to you, please visit: http://www.wolverinewatch.org/blog/volposition/

Photo credit: Keith Webb