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Fall 2013

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Informing the Cost of Co-existence: Wildlife and Cattle

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Wildlife species are an important component of Alberta's healthy, functioning, natural landscapes. For a beef producer, co-existing with wildlife often results in economic impacts such as animal or feed loss, property damage or loss, as well as the costs of prevention and management activities. If these impacts are not understood and recognized, private landowner tolerance toward wildlife may be reduced. For healthy wildlife populations to co-exist on private lands in Alberta, it is important to understand the economic burden faced by beef producers. The purpose of this project is to help us better understand the economic impacts of wildlife to Alberta beef producers.

The Miistakis Institute has completed a literature review to investigate how other researchers and jurisdictions have documented costs associated with wildlife and cattle co-existing. One of the methods is to gather survey data from producers in the area of concern. An online survey aimed at all beef producers in Alberta is currently under development. The objectives are to:

  • Identify the species most involved in conflict with beef producers.
  • Evaluate the economic costs to beef producers in Alberta and within Alberta Beef Producer zones from ungulates, carnivores and birds co-existing on agricultural lands.
  • Develop comprehensive lists of costs associated with animal and feed loss, property damage, and prevention and management activities, including both direct and indirect costs.

The survey is set to launch in early 2014. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the survey please email kim@rockies.ca.