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Fall 2013

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Conservation Easement Web Resource for Landowners

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Conservation easements can be a powerful tool for Albertans looking to fulfill long-term conservation goals on their property. To make the best use of this tool, landowners need access to basic information: What are conservation easements, and what are the benefits? Who are the eligible conservation easement holders in Alberta, where do they operate, and what are their priorities? How and can this tool be used creatively?

To answer these and many more questions, the Miistakis Institute adapted and updated a previous resource called "Programs and Possibilities: Conservation Easements in Alberta" and created a new website "Conservation Easements in Alberta - an online resource for landowners". A huge advantage of the website is the ease with which it can be edited and updated as information changes. This website resource is available to any interested landowners or others wanting to know more about this innovative conservation tool.