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Fall 2016

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The Calgary Regional Partnership develops a guide to incorporating ecological connectivity into municipal planning

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"Ecological connectivity is important – do something about it!" That's usually the sum total of direction we give municipal staff people regarding the important issue of ecological connectivity. Over the past year, Miistakis had the opportunity to work with the Calgary Regional Partnership to develop a guide for municipal personnel that gives a little more clarity as to what they can do and how.

Actually it's two guides!

The first guide, "Pulling the Levers: A Guide to Modeling and Mapping Ecological Connectivity" is aimed at municipal GIS personnel, outlining a standardized process for using CircuitScape to model ecological connectivity in a municipal context.

The second guide "Connecting the Dots: A Guide to Using Ecological Connectivity Modelling in Municipal Planning" is aimed at municipal planning personnel, outlining how they can request and use connectivity modelling in a way that integrates with their planning needs and existing approaches.

Contact Miistakis or the Calgary Regional Partnership to get free copies.