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Summer Student Profile: Jen DeMone

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Any chance I get to be outside under the radiant sun and learn about the natural world, I will jump at the opportunity! I am currently finishing my bachelors degree in Environmental Science at Mount Royal University. I have taken multiple courses that have expanded my growing passion and knowledge of various species and ecosystems in Alberta, and in other countries.

I have always been enamored with birds especially, ever since my family adopted our first budgie when I was 5 years old; where soon after we adopted a cockatiel, in which we recently celebrated his 17th birthday! This took off our growing bird family that had my family fostering and adopting out all kinds of birds. Last year, I had an amazing opportunity to study abroad in Honduras, where I was able to see beautiful wild birds such as Toucans, the endemic Emerald Hummingbird, and Scarlet macaws around the Mayan temples.

I've only just scratched the surface of learning more about ecosystems, even extending into the deep ocean via scuba-diving. As I get to explore more of the natural world around me, the more deeply excited I get to learn about non-profits and associations that work in conserving these niches and provide public education and collaboration. My long term goal with my degree is to work in animal conservation locally and globally. With this exciting, fulfilling, and animate summer term with Miistakis, it has expanded my appreciation for animals, focused on amphibians, that are in Calgary where I've just recently seen my first Boreal chorus frog as part of the Call of the Wetland project. As part of the project, I go out to all quadrants of the city to many different wetlands, managing the acoustic monitors on site and then analyze the data for any amphibian calls. The Call of the Wetland project has given me a great opportunity to get out and see urban wildlife while encouraging public contribution and education.