Fall 2017

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Project Update: Large Scale Wind and Solar Decision Support Tools for Rural Municipalities in Alberta

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Miistakis, in partnership with Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC) and Wheatland County have launched the Large Scale Wind and Solar Decision Support Tools for Rural Municipalities project.

In 2013, Alberta announced progressive renewable energy targets - 30% by 2030, which has resulted in a surge of proposals for large scale wind and solar projects in rural jurisdictions. The heightened interest in renewable energy development has raised numerous questions for municipalities about what is being proposed: Where is the best siting for these types of proposals? What impacts do they have on the landscape and our residents? Are there benefits to our communities? How does the municipal approvals process align with or influence the Alberta Utilities Commission and provincial requirements and processes? Who is in charge of decommissioning or mitigation?

Miistakis is working with rural municipal staff and elected officials to answer these questions and understand other opportunities and challenges related to large scale (over 1 MW energy generation) renewable developments. Currently we are in phase one of the project and are engaging rural municipal staff and elected officials as well as other key stakeholders to determine what kind of support tools will help them make the best long term decisions related to wind and solar energy development. The second phase of the project is to develop the tools identified in phase one. Phase one is anticipated to be completed by mid-October.

If you would like more information or have a suggestion for this project please contact Kelly Learned, Project Manager, Miistakis Institute (kelly@rockies.ca).

Image Source: The Globe and Mail (link)