Fall 2018

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The Southern Eastern Slopes Collaborative

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The Southern Eastern Slopes Collaborative is proud to announce the launch of our project website. The Southern Eastern Slopes Conservation Strategy is a project that brings together conservation organizations working in the southern eastern slopes to assess the health of the region and develop strategic goals and objectives for collaborative work on conservation priorities.

The strength of the Collaborative's work comes from the breadth of its participants and its science based analysis. Groups involved in the project included watershed groups, scientists, fish and angler organizations, and non-profits focused on public and private land protection. The diversity of participation facilitated robust ecological assessments and the development of strategies that look across jurisdictions and environmental issues to find common ground for collaborative action.

The information available from the project website will allow other conservation organizations to:

  • provide valuable scientifically based information specific to the Southern Eastern Slopes
  • prioritize conservation actions
  • align conservation strategies across organizations
  • identify areas for collaborative efforts
  • establish new conservation programs to address gaps identified

While the primary audience for this report is conservation organizations, it was also created for governments, agency personnel, landowners and other interested stakeholders to support conservation action. We envision others using this work to:

  • Provide valuable scientifically based information specific to the Southern Eastern Slopes
  • Provide specific landscape information to support land-use planning, specifically with implementation of the SSRP
  • Identify areas of common interest and priority across agencies and organizations
  • Provide support and direction for design and implementation of conservation-based programming

The website also includes a link to an interactive DataBasin mapping tool which allows users to zoom in and out of areas of interests along the Southern Eastern Slopes as well as turn on different layers to see how various ecosystem indicators interact across the landscape. Check it out.