Fall 2018

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Town of Cochrane Flood and Drought Mitigation Action Plan Pilot Project

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The Miistakis Institute is creating a flood and drought mitigation guide to assist Alberta municipalities in addressing projected risks and taking action at the local level. The intent of developing this tool is to enable municipalities to improve local flood and drought resiliency in their community by having access to an online tool that guides them through steps to develop a flood and drought mitigation plan. The outcomes of this project will provide a process guide for developing ecologically based mitigation action plans as well as information to assist with local analysis related to flood and drought risk. The guide will include key questions to prompt the municipality to understand their current situation, their projected risk, and then aid them in determining which actions will be most effective.

The pilot process is phase 2 of the overall project, following the creation of the Municipal Flood and Drought Action Planning Primer, which provides a starting point for municipalities thinking about how to plan for flood and drought locally. The 3rd phase of this project is to develop the 'Municipal Flood and Drought Mitigation Planning Guide' - an online tool that will be accessible for municipalities in Alberta.

Project funding has been provided by Alberta Environment and Parks' Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program.

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