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Prairie Conservation Forum Fact Sheet Update

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The Prairie Conservation Forum (PCF) commissioned a report by Marianne Neville in 2017 titled, Beneficial Management Practices for Renewable Energy Projects: Reducing the Footprint in Alberta's Native Grassland, Parkland and Wetland Ecosystems. Miistakis was asked to develop a fact sheet to summarize key findings for the renewable energy development industry from the Neville report. You can find Reducing the Renewable Energy Footprint on Native Grasslands: Summary Information for Renewable Energy Developers on the PCF website at this link: http://www.albertapcf.org/rsu_docs/mir_pcf_factsheet_wind-solar_jun2018_v04b.pdf.

The document provides some important context and facts about native grasslands in Alberta as well as an approach renewable energy developers are asked to consider for their projects in order to reduce negative impacts on native grasslands. Several key resources are also included in the document as an easy reference for developers.