Fall 2018

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Contribution of Alberta Private Land Conservation to Biodiversity Protection

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Miistakis continues to work on a project to ensure the biodiversity conservation contributions of Alberta's private land conservation community (our land trusts) are appropriately recognized in Canada's effort to protect 17% of the land base by 2020 (aka Target 1). The challenge continues to be finding a way to assess and catalogue private land conservation in a way that works for the land trusts, the provincial government, and the pan-Canadian initiative.

Miistakis has been meeting and consulting with members of Alberta's land trust community, working with Alberta Environment and Parks personnel, and connecting our work to the Pathway to Target 1 initiative federally. We recently created policy recommendations for Alberta's Minister of Environment and Parks, Shannon Phillips, created a detailed set of recommendations regarding the current federal database, and have been coordinating with the Nature Conservancy's efforts nationally.

Up next is finalizing our interim recommendations (all of which will be posted on our web site), and working with all the parties on the best opportunities for implementing the recommendations.