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Nicole Kahal's Pick 3

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What do you find exciting/inspiring about your work?

It can be hard to feel optimistic when facing the state of our climate and the many challenges associated with conservation, so it's empowering to be able to work on projects that focus on facilitating real change at various scales. I feel inspired to be working with a team that faces conservation challenges head-on, using collaboration, sound science and the mobilization of accessible information. I love being able to work on various projects - from figuring out how to improve human-wildlife coexistence, creating an engaged citizenry and ensuring communities have the information and tools needed to implement policies and practices in support of the environment. I'm inspired daily with the team at Miistakis, and feel lucky to work with a group of extremely smart, dedicated and fun individuals. Rest assured there is no lack of interesting projects or conversations in our office - and there's always something new going on! It's always exciting to hear about news in the conservation field, advances within Miistakis and our partner organizations, as well as the perspectives of students who spend time working on projects with us.

What's cooking?

This falafel wrap! I tell anyone who will listen about how much I love Half Baked Harvest. Check her recipes out; I've loved every one I've made.

What is your favorite hobby?

In the summer, I love to hike, camp and generally spend time outdoors. In the winter, I prefer to visit my family in California and do the above. I spend a lot of free time volunteering for Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation, and I always have a foster dog in my home. Since buying our first home last year, my husband and I can add DIY home improvement to our list of regular weekend activities, which rarely goes as planned, but keeps us laughing and learning new things along the way. As far as my other interests go - I regularly spend time working out at Orange Theory, make a minimum of once weekly visits to Village ice cream, and shamelessly watching a lot of Netflix (or Prime Video, HGTV...). And I can't wait to take a second wheel-throwing ceramics course this winter!