Fall 2020

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Amphibians need our help Calgary!

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Did you know three amphibian species, wood frog, boreal chorus frog and tiger salamander make Calgary their home? Key concerns for amphibians in Calgary are impacts of wetland loss (90% loss to be specific), wetland degradation (think urban run-off), and fragmentation of the wetland network (we have a whole lot of roads). We set out to provide information to The City of Calgary to help maintain amphibian diversity and increase amphibian abundance in the urban environment. We sought to understand which wetlands support amphibians and where amphibians are moving between wetlands in Calgary. You can read all about in our new report "Amphibians at Risk: An analysis of wetland habitat and corridors needed to secure amphibian populations in Calgary."

A special thank you to the project advisory committee: Vanessa Carney, City of Calgary; Dr. Irena Creed, University of Saskatchewan; Lea Randall, Calgary Zoo; and Heather Rudd, City of Calgary. And to Alberta Innovates for funding this important work.