Fall 2020

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Executive Director Message

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Fall always feels like a new beginning at Miistakis. It marks the start of a new academic year and as a research institute that has almost always enjoyed an affiliation with an academic institution we are very much connected to the academic cycle. This year of course is unlike any other. This year we will not share in the bustling, crowded days of orientation at Mount Royal University, steering new students in the right direction down hallways, witnessing the daily pep rallies and fighting the Tim Hortons line ups after the quiet lull of summer. While we are not there in person we want to wish all the best to our MRU community as they navigate the start of this challenging year.

As we start a new academic year we are celebrating our past year with our annual report. Our report this year highlights what some of our partners are saying about Miistakis, including:

"They help communities and governments to understand how to apply conservation research. They are good at working with the people that make the decisions - landowners and municipalities as well as supporting other organizations."

"They are a leader in implementing conservation research or filling the gap between research and application to real life situations"... and much more.

Our report also showcases our conservation work over the past year. As with other years our work over the past year focused on working with our partners to define conservation challenges and working together to come up with applied innovative solutions across our six research thematic areas. We accomplished a lot over the past year and are happy to share this work with you.

All the best for a safe and healthy fall.