Fall 2020

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Urban Wildlife Coexistence with Calgary Captured

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Calgary Captured, an urban wildlife monitoring and citizen scientist program, released the "I'm a Calgarian" campaign to draw attention to the many wild critters that call Calgary home.

Just like their human neighbors, deer, moose, bobcat, wood frog, and more live and move around YYC. However, urban areas present many obstacles to wild living: the development footprint in Calgary is ever-expanding, high traffic roads are difficult for animals to cross, and urban pollutants can harm habitats. Wildlife sightings bring many people joy, and healthy wildlife populations mean a healthy, resilient ecosystem that we all benefit from. As such, the "I'm a Calgarian" campaign highlights simple actions, such as keeping dogs on leash or planting native plants, that every Calgarian can do to help our iconic wildlife continue to survive in our city. Check out the nine "I'm a Calgarian" info cards we posted on Facebook (Miistakis Institute) and Instagram (@miistakis) this summer to learn about the unique Calgarians that depend on our natural spaces to survive. You can also visit www.rockies.ca/imacalgarian to view the info cards and learn more about how to participate in Calgary Captured as a citizen scientist.

The Calgary Captured team consists of the Miistakis Institute, Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society, City of Calgary, Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society, and Alberta Parks. Thank you to The Calgary Foundation, Alberta Ecotrust, and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for their support of Calgary Captured!