Fall 2020

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Thanks to WRRP for new funding!

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The Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program has funded two new Miistakis projects!

The Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program has funded two new natural infrastructure projects for Miistakis, which will occur over the next year.

The first is "Contribution of Natural Infrastructure to Flood Mitigation in the Elbow River Watershed: Phase 1 - Feasibility Study"

The flood mitigation dynamics of natural infrastructure in the Elbow River watershed are understood mostly in theoretical terms, not quantitative. This leads to an inability to articulate the contribution that natural infrastructure could actually play. Miistakis is going to complete a feasibility study to frame critical parameters, assess what relevant information exists, identify key partners, and develop and review a draft methodology.

The second is "A Natural Infrastructure GIS Methodology for Alberta Municipalities."

Municipalities across the province are increasingly looking to natural infrastructure to help with flood and drought mitigation. However, these efforts can be stymied by a lack of understanding of their existing natural infrastructure, especially as a GIS - based representation. Miistakis is going to develop a GIS methodology for use by municipalities that will allow them to re-frame their GIS holdings to match their natural infrastructure needs.

Stay tuned for details on these projects as they progress!