Fall 2021

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A database for private land conservation in Alberta

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Private land conservation in Alberta plays a significant role in biodiversity conservation. As we increasingly seek to use the same acres for more dense and complex land uses, private land conservation only becomes more important. However, there is currently no way to track or visualize the cumulative conservation impact of private land conservation in Alberta as each land trust, conservancy or municipality does their own tracking, which is geared towards a single organization or program.

Working with the private land conservation community, we have developed recommendations for the creation of a database to enable them to efficiently track and evaluate their efforts as well as plan for future conservation initiatives. This database would also bolster credibility with funders, governments and landowners demonstrating diligent strategic use of investments and put organizational and community-wide contributions to biodiversity, agricultural viability, open space or heritage in context. Please follow the link to the report on our website to learn more about this project.