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Spring 2016

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Summer Student Profile: Devon Henry

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For as long as I can remember I have had a profound appreciation for the environment and most enjoyably the Canadian Rockies. Growing up as an avid skier, I was continuously immersed and surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet. This enjoyment that began at a young age has blossomed into a greater appreciation that I now have today. As of now, I can most often be found exploring the Bow Valley region, whether it's traversing the Rundle ridge, or shooting time-lapse photography at Lake Agnes. Any time spent in the region is simply incomparable to anything else.

My role as a summer student at Miistakis is to contribute and allocate the skills I have acquired over my communication degree, and adapt them to the multiple projects that are currently underway. My official title is vague as of now, and will continue to take shape over the next few weeks. The first project I am involved in is a video production for the Road Watch BC project. The video will consist of an explanation of the project, as well as a step-by-step process on how to use the smartphone application for Road Watch BC.

What I consider to be my greatest strength is my understanding of Alberta's natural landscapes. During my academic career I have taken numerous outdoor leadership, natural science, and topographic mapping courses that have allowed me to explore and immerse myself in the greater Alberta Rockies. I understand the importance of conservation and its relationship with resource and land management; most importantly, I understand the significance it can have on the future of Alberta's diverse landscape and wildlife.