Spring 2018

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Call of the Wetland Season 2 Launch

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We need your help YYC! Did you know over 4,000 wetlands can be found in the City of Calgary? This number may seem high, however, over 90% of pre-settlement wetlands have been lost to development, climate change and pollution. In addition, little is known about which species of amphibian are present within city limits. The Call of the Wetland citizen science project aims to change this by engaging the public to record observations on amphibian calls and sightings via a mobile app. Data on the presence and absence of amphibians will help to better understand the health of Calgary's wetlands, and will be shared with city and provincial governments to help inform decisions regarding the conservation of wetlands.

Call of the Wetland launched in 2017, and is gearing up for its second survey season, which begins April 15th. During the inaugural season:

  • 212 volunteers registered and 346 wetland surveys were submitted
  • Three species of amphibian were observed in many wetlands - chorus frog, tiger salamander, and wood frog
  • Peak calling was found to occur between 10pm-3am
  • Volunteer feedback led to important website and app updates

This year, we hope to continue to build a community of citizens aware of wetland biodiversity and who value their protection. Check out the Call of the Wetland website if you are interested in participating!

Call of the Wetland sponsors and partners include Enbridge, The Calgary Foundation, TD Friends of the Environment, the Bow River Basin Council, City of Calgary, Calgary Zoo, Alberta Conservation Association, Parks Foundation Calgary and Mount Royal University's Institute of Environmental Sustainability.