Spring 2018

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Southern East Slopes Collaborative

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Miistakis, together with CPAWS, SALTS and Y2Y have been working on the Southern East Slopes Collaborative, an initiative to assess the health of our Southern Eastern Slopes and develop strategic goals and objectives for their conservation. Over the past 1.5 years we have brought together ENGO's to determine a vision, select conservation targets, assess the health of targets and to develop goals, objectives and strategies for improving the health of each conservation target. Most recently, we hosted a full day workshop of ENGO partners to get feedback on our 4th and final conservation target, to prioritize strategies for all four indicators identified as ecological priorities in the South Eastern Slopes and to identify and explore 'who is doing what' in the region to stimulate collaboration and action. From this we will be developing network maps to demonstrate how strategies are being realized on the landscape and to identify important gaps in conservation work. The photo above is from our recent workshop.