Spring 2020

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Ecoroofs in Alberta: Resources and Case Studies

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The Miistakis Institute is excited to announce the launch of our newest webpage: "Ecoroofs in Alberta: Resources and Case Studies," the result of a partnership with the City of Edmonton - Environmental Strategies Team. The webpage includes: Edmonton specific resources, the Ecoroof Guide for Alberta Municipalities, case studies of Edmonton ecoroofs, and much more. Please visit www.rockies.ca/ecoroofs to take a look.

"I am so excited to see this great work come together and offer the valuable resources for those interested in ecoroofs in Alberta. The City of Edmonton is looking forward to evolving ecoroof development in the city in the context of climate resilience and adaptation"

Danielle Koleyak, Project Manager, Edmonton Ecoroof for Climate Resilience Initiative, City of Edmonton

We would like to send a sincere THANK YOU to all who were involved in the development of many of these outcomes. Your valuable input and time on this project made it possible for all the pieces to come together.

Thank you to our project team members: Danielle Koleyak (City of Edmonton, Ecoroof Project Manager); Kerry Ross (Green T Design); Dr. Brad Bass (Environment Canada, University of Toronto), Miistakis team members Kelly Learned, Holly Kinas, Ken Sanderson and Danah Duke.

A big thank you to the project funders: The City of Edmonton, Alberta Ecotrust, Edmonton Community Foundation, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Please share the Ecoroof webpage with colleagues and networks!