Spring 2020

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Sometimes the best way to understand how Miistakis works is to get a glimpse into the presentations we do and the workshops we attend:

Alberta Water Council - The AWC graciously extended an invitation to Miistakis to come and present at their recent Board meeting, as both organizations have been looking for more ways to collaborate.

University of Alberta Biological Sciences - Miistakis was asked to present on the topic of conservation easements and their role in conservation biology to Professor Evelyn Merrill's senior Conservation Biology class.

Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Conference - Miistakis presented at the ARPA 2020 Forum to outline the structure and new changes in the Community Conserve program. We shared the stage with our partner in that project, the Environmental Law Centre.

Nature Based Climate Solutions Summit - Miistakis attended this conference in Ottawa focused on the links between nature conservation and climate change mitigation/adaptation.

Mount Royal University, Environmental Science - Miistakis was a guest lecturer for Dr. Felix Nawashi's Ecology Class and presented on road ecology.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Biennial Northern Great Plains Stakeholder Meeting - Miistakis presented a quick lighting talk to partners on Pronghorn Xing.

Bow River Basin Council Policy and Legislation Workshop - Miistakis presented a case study on the Least Conflict Lands for Renewable Energy Development decision support tool. We are in the process of evolving this tool, now called Municipal Land Use Suitability Tool and have partnered withOldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC).

Mount Royal University World Wetland Day Conference - Miistakis presented final results from our Call of the Wetland Program - a three year citizen science program to monitor amphibians in Calgary. Historically we had six amphibian species but we are now down to three!

Scarlett High School - Miistakis presented at a lunch and learn for Scarlett High School's career centre. Students interested in environmental science attended, participating with many thoughtful questions regarding the conservation field.

Connecting Environmental Professionals (CEP) - Miistakis participated in a panel interview on citizen science at CEP Calgary's monthly speaker series in February. CEP's mission is to facilitate constructive dialogue and inspire action on key environmental and sustainability issues.