Spring 2021

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Connectivity Risk Assessment Workshop

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Miistakis recently held a workshop to inform a new project that will evaluate the impact of proposed development on identified ecological corridors.

Miistakis' "Connectivity Risk Assessment" project aims to develop a tool to assist in the evaluation of the impact a proposed development will have on identified ecological corridors, focusing on the Municipality of the Crowsnest Pass and Municipal District of Pincher Creek. This project will ultimately facilitate decisions on development occurring within ecological corridors, to ensure that municipalities can benefit from development while large mammal movement is maintained. The objectives of the project are to:

  • Enhance the ability to consider maintaining ecological connectivity in municipal development decisions;
  • Enhance municipal awareness of the importance of ecological connectivity; and
  • Provide direction on corridor design characteristics and activities that impact ecological connectivity.

Miistakis assembled an advisory committee, consisting of experts in the field of corridor ecology, municipal planning and provincial planning to provide input on project direction. On February 25th and March 4th, Miistakis held two workshop sessions with the advisory committee as well as additional ecologists with corridor expertise and local knowledge. The product will be developed by early summer 2021, after which we will work on the implementation phase.