Spring 2022

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Did you know Alberta has a Citizen Science Community of Practice?

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Citizen Science is a fast-growing field - enabling the public to engage in all kinds of monitoring or research projects. Albertans are offered a wide variety of projects where the public can contribute such as reporting amphibian calls, rainfall levels, the date a tree flowers or collecting water samples from a nearby river. To advance the use of citizen science and promote good practice, citizen science practitioners recently established the Alberta Citizen Science Community of Practice.

CitSci Alberta is aiming to:

  • Promote and showcase the development and application of good practice
  • Connect learning to action
  • Elevate the profile of citizen science initiatives in Alberta
  • Support coordination and collaboration within the citizen science community

We host quarterly meetings, usually in the format of a guest speaker followed by breakout sessions for discussion. We encourage all practitioners to join us, there are different ways to engage. To learn more please visit: www.citscialberta.com or if you have inquiries email us at info@citscialberta.com.