Spring 2022

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A framework to identify priority wetland habitats and movement corridors for urban amphibian conservation

Amphibian conservation in urban areas is challenged by development pressure, competing for land uses, limited funding and a lack of ecological knowledge such as: which amphibians live in the City; where do they live; and where are they able to move around the city to breed.

Calgary is no exception to these challenges. Calgary has seen substantial loss of pre-settlement natural wetlands. Towards the city centre there is a decrease in amphibian species richness and abundance. Another challenge in the urban environment is that amphibian dispersal routes are compromised by road networks and wetland loss.

Despite these challenges we documented three amphibian species in Calgary - chorus frog, wood frog and tiger salamander! We developed a framework to help urban municipalities' ability to restore or conserve priority habitat and movement pathways necessary for amphibian survival. The full paper can be read and downloaded free of charge on the Ecological Solutions and Evidence journal webpage.