Spring 2023

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Value of private land conservation in Alberta 2.0

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Private land conservation in Alberta is growing, and so is what we know about it!

Private land conservation (PLC) is an important conservation strategy in Alberta, but it has been challenging to understand the collective impact of these individual properties to broad conservation goals... until now! Over the past year we have been continuing our work with eight land trusts and other organizations that participate in PLC in Alberta. We combined their data to evaluate the combined benefits that PLC provides to biodiversity, watershed resiliency, climate change resiliency and human well-being. We created a website to help us share the positive impacts of PLC and a companion report that explains how the metrics we used were selected and derived. We would like to thank the land trusts for their continued partnership and our funders, Environment and Climate Change Canada, the Government of Alberta's Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program, and Alberta Ecotrust Foundation for supporting this important work.