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Summer 2012

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"Picture A Province" of Informed Philanthropy

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In June, Miistakis joined with a group of philanthropic foundations in Calgary (including The Calgary Foundation, Max Bell Foundation and Alberta Ecotrust) to organize a one-day symposium for philanthropists and funding organizations. The goal of "Picture A Province" was to raise awareness among existing and potential funders regarding the important work of environmental groups in Alberta, and to encourage further investments of time, money and energy. Participants were given a comprehensive range of presentations: the physical landscape (Brad Stelfox), the landscape of opinion (Angus McAllister), the political landscape (Paul McLoughlin), and the ENGO landscape (Pat Letizia). The day ended with inspirational stories from a variety of active environmental philanthropists. The feedback indicates participants left with a more sophisticated understanding of the issues and opportunities, and a reinvigorated commitment to help.