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Research Assistant Profile: Nicole Kahal

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Born in Dana Point, California, I grew up on the coast, spending most of my time on or near the water and hiking the coastal mountains with my family. My interest in protecting these beautiful natural spaces I spend so much time in led me to pursue a Bachelor of Resource Economics at the University of Arizona, and a Master of Environmental Science and Management at the UC Santa Barbara, where I focused my studies on conservation planning and policy. As a thesis project, I worked with a team to provide a water budget analysis and management strategies to a government agency in New Mexico facing mounting pressure on rural water resources.

Prior to moving to Calgary last year, I worked on implementing community-based habitat stewardship programs on the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks in Orange County, California, leading volunteers to tackle ongoing projects such as invasive plant removal, native plant propagation and trail maintenance. I'm passionate about engaging communities to spread awareness of the nature that's right in their "backyard" and inspiring them to take part in its protection.

I'm very excited to be working with Miistakis on the City of Calgary Wildlife Monitoring Project, which will enhance our knowledge of the species that share the parks with us! Stay tuned for the wildlife images we collect - we plan on using citizen science effort to identify the species in the images.