Summer 2017

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Call of the Wetland Volunteer: Svetlana Bystrova

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'Call of the Wetland' is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the wellness of Calgary's Wetlands.

I am happy to be involved in the monitoring of amphibians and collection of necessary data, used for assessment and protection of such important wetland ecosystems that play a key role in the hydrological cycle and water purification. In addition, this program is an excellent opportunity for me to learn. For example, during the first month of volunteering, I learned how to identify species by colour and call and I am dedicated to learning about classification of wetlands and their general assessment.

Having a Master's Degree in Biotechnical Systems and Environmental Technologies from St. Petersburg University and being passionate to sustainable development, I am dedicated to build my career in Canada in environmental protection. I am thankful to the Miistakis Institute for the opportunity to study environmental conservation and have practical experience in monitoring amphibians, and for the amazing and supportive team environment.