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Municipal Flood and Drought Action Planning Primer - NOW AVAILABLE!!

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Municipalities are at the forefront of preparing for and responding to drought and flood events however limited resources are directed to this level of government.

The Miistakis Institute completed Phase 1 of this project and developed the Flood and Drought Action Planning Primer. The Primer provides data and resources in one place for municipal staff to access and to learn about why they should start to proactively plan for flood and drought events at the local level. Phase 2 has been initiated and will create a step by step process to assist municipalities in assessing and mitigating flood and drought risks in an ecologically-grounded way. The action planning tool empowers municipalities to access existing resources and data, and provides a robust process for developing an effective local flood or drought mitigation action plan.

To view the completed Municipal Flood and Drought Primer please visit the project page.

Partners: Alberta Environment and Parks' Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program