Summer 2018

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Holly Kinas' Pick Three

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What is your favorite hobby?

It's hard to pick just one, and they tend to overlap

  • Camping (tent or trailer)
  • Hiking
  • Stand-up-paddle boarding (SUPing)
  • Anything to do with dogs: agility, puppy play dates, and the occasional paddle board with my two pups!

What do you find exciting/inspiring about your work

The most inspiring aspect of my work is that at Miistakis, we see real-world conservation come to fruition. Whether this occurs on a large scale, being able to help inform policy development supported by scientific data, or on a small scale such as teaching children about stewardship of wetlands through surveying for amphibians, the success is evident and makes a true conservation impact on the both the geographical and social landscapes. Seeing conservation success on the landscape inspires me to further conservation efforts to protect the natural world I value so dearly.

The most exciting part of my work is that I am able to work on a large variety of projects spanning each of our research areas, allowing me to grow my knowledge outside of biology, which is my background. One day I may be working on the beaver project, another working on private land conservation initiatives, and another working on least conflict lands for renewable energy development; the variety is exciting and allows me to learn something new every day!

A picture says 1000 words - provide a photo and tell the story behind it/how it inspires you to do the work you do/etc.

This photo was taken while camping with family and friends in the summer of 2017 at Cypress Hills Provincial Park. The pup in the photo is my 2 year old Bernedoodle Heidi. It reminds me to take time to enjoy the little things, like a beautiful sunset. Prior to this sunset I had read a quote by Kristen Butler: 'sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.'

This photo inspires me to continue working to preserve the landscape so that views and experiences like this are not lost but are forever enjoyed by future generations.