Summer 2020

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Executive Director Message

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Like all of you, Miistakis is finding its way during these unprecedented times. We have all settled into working from home (although one of our Miistakians, Ken, always works from home in P.E.I.), juggling kids with homeschooling and endless Zoom meetings. The Miistakis team has taken this in stride and despite the multitude of challenges we have all been faced with, my colleagues have continued to be ultra-productive and dedicated to our conservation pursuits. Although we touch base several times a week and are finding new ways to stay connected I miss my Miistakis colleagues. I miss the magic that happens in our office, the collaboration, the debate, the laughter, the ideation and the support. So much of our best conservation work happens when we toss ideas around, we refine our ideas, we challenge each other and dig deep into our conservation challenges. This is collaboration as it's best and it's how Miistakis works, both internally with our team and with our partners. While these crazy times have challenged how we collaborate we are finding ways to continue to work together to support the environment. I really look forward to when we can collaborate face to face again. Until then, happy Zooming.

As many of you know Miistakis has been offering Miistakis Monday webinars. We have been thrilled with the response and attendance so far. Thanks to everyone who has participated and if you are interested in viewing past webinars they are posted on our website. We plan to take a hiatus for the summer but will to be back in the fall to share an hour with you on Mondays.

Lastly, I would like to welcome our new summer students. While we have not been fortunate to meet in person yet, I would like to welcome our new students who have been helping out on our Call of the Wetland project. These students have been safely monitoring wetlands for amphibians to contribute to our efforts to map wetland connectivity and monitor biodiversity in Calgary. Welcome Aaron Irving, Rachel Pizante, Rosey Eason, Shelby Hansen and Astrid Waite.

As we launch into summer I wish all of you fun in the sun and a safe and healthy season.