Summer 2020

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Ecotrust Funds Land Trust Workshop

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New grant helps us move one step closer to a private land conservation database for Alberta

The national Pathway to Canada Target 1 initiative has highlighted an old problem for Alberta's private land conservation community. It's an old script... First, there is an assumption that robust data exists to facilitate reporting on privately-conserved land. When that turns out not to be the case, there is a scramble to create it. This latter-day effort generally sees little if any discussion with land trusts and conservancies, and government agencies assume the role of vetting the data.

At the same time, the press for private land conservation data to be made available exists, and so initiatives are being undertaken without land trusts playing a role. Others gather this data and put their own twist on it, deciding if a privately-conserved parcel is worthy.

Miistakis believes Alberta needs a comprehensive database of private land conservation, one that is designed and overseen by the holders of that data - Alberta's private land conservation community. As a first step to that goal, Alberta Ecotrust has funded Miistakis to convene a workshop of Alberta's land trusts and conservancies.

The intent is to discuss several key questions that would need to be addressed before any database creation effort could take place. After these questions are discussed, Miistakis will create a summary report for the land trust / conservancy community, one that will include a proposal for creating such a database. After reviewing that report, we will put a simple question to them - should we proceed with that plan?