Summer 2020

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Miistakis Benefits from MRU Conservation Biology Students

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Mount Royal University's Conservation Biology Students Generate Great Literature Reviews for Miistakis' Research Areas

Mount Royal University's Dr. Dorothy Hill asked Miistakis if we would help out with her BIOL 3081 Conservation Biology course, but Miistakis ended up getting the favour. Dr. Hill's students were tasked with creating literature reviews as a community service learning project, and were looking for real world needs.

After putting our heads together, we came up with a high-level list of research areas we need to know more about, and sent those to Dr. Hill. We now have the following collection of really good quality literature reviews:

  • Beaver Effects on Riparian Zones
  • Beavers (Castor canadensis) as an ecosystem management tool to combat climate change
  • Beavers Increase Biodiversity and Mitigate Against Climate Change
  • Benefits of Reintegrating Beavers onto the Landscape
  • Conservation of Biodiversity in Urbanized Areas
  • Green and Blue Infrastructure can Increase Urban Biodiversity
  • Impact of Urbanization on Bird Diversity
  • Insect Biodiversity in Urbanized Areas
  • Managing ecosystems with beavers
  • Role of Private Land Conservation
  • Science Communication Practices for Conservation Science
  • Understanding Species Response to Urbanization to Improve Conservation
  • Urban Areas as Emerging Habitats
  • Urban Biodiversity - Small Changes Make Big Differences
  • Urban Design to Promote Biodiversity
  • Using ground beetles as an indicator of urban ecosystem health within Calgary
  • Utilizing Beaver (Castor canadensis) as Ecosystem Engineers

We're very grateful to all of Dr. Hill's students, and are busy reading through the mountain of papers!