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2020 Spring and Summer Interns

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This year, an internship with Miistakis looks a bit different! Although not able to work in-person with us in the office, several students and recent grads have been working on amphibian surveys to validate connectivity modeling and to build the Call of the Wetland amphibian dataset.

Shelby Hansen (pictured) is working as our summer intern. She is primarily working on amphibian surveys for Call of the Wetland, but is also providing support on the Calgary Captured and Pronghorn Xing programs. Shelby has completed three years of a Bachelor of Science with a major in Environmental Science. She will graduate in May 2021 from Mount Royal University (MRU). In the future, Shelby wishes to pursue a career in wildlife conservation. She is an avid animal and plant lover. Her favourite hobbies include camping, hiking and driving ATV's. Welcome to the team, Shelby!

In addition to Shelby, we welcomed Astrid Waite, Rosey Easton, Rachel Pizante, and Aaron Irving in May. This team completed five weeks of after-dusk amphibian surveys, ensuring we caught peak calling times for frogs and toads. Astrid, an Environmental Science student at MRU brought her interest and experience in investigating wetland health issues to the team, and Rosey, an Information Design graduate from MRU, provided her expertise to help us think creatively about how we communicate. Rachel and Aaron will be continuing to survey for amphibians alongside Shelby throughout the summer. Rachel, a Call of the Wetland veteran and MRU grad, plans to begin a master's degree at the University of Alberta in spring 2021. Aaron is currently completing a double major in Earth Science and Geology at the University of Calgary. A big thank you to this team for their work this spring and commitment to conservation!