Summer 2020

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Getting Advice on Municipal Wetlands Data

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Our Advisory Group generously gives their time to review the draft Regional Wetland Data Strategy

Our Regional Wetland Data Strategy project is winding up, and our Advisory Group has now reviewed the outline of the strategy.

The project - with a goal of helping municipalities in the Bow River basin secure usable, consistent, current, and accessible wetlands data - is in the last stage. After our background research, and our February workshop, we were finally in a position to draft the strategy. We ran the outline past our Advisory group made up of representatives from Fiera Biological Consulting, Alberta Land Institute, Bow River Basin Council, Wheatland County, Oldman River Regional Services Commission, City of Calgary, Nose Creek Watershed Partnership, and North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance. Unsurprisingly, we got some great feedback, and had several 'a-ha' moments!

The strategy as proposed will have us looking to Fiera to create four datasets covering all municipalities in the Bow River basin: current wetland inventory, wall-to-wall land cover, restorable wetland inventory, and historical wetland inventory.

We're both in the final stages... and at the starting blocks. After all, a strategy is just that - now the work begins.