Summer 2022

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Vision 2030 - Building ENGO Capacity for a Greener Future

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Danah, together with Elliot Fox (Miistakis Indigenous Conservation Consultant), recently traveled to Ontario to participate in Vision 2030. This initiative, led by the Sustainability Network and in collaboration with key ENGO leaders across the country, is developing a visioning process to define where the ENGO community needs and wants to be in the next 10 years and to identify what capacity challenges and gaps need to be addressed to get us there.

It was so great to be able to meet in person again with conservation colleagues in a beautiful setting. We spent 1.5 days focused on five key discussion areas and what critical role ENGO organizational capacity building could play in helping our organizations address these key areas. Miistakis feels strongly that ENGO capacity is key to addressing our biodiversity and climate crisis, so we are proud to be part of this work to support and strengthen the ENGO sector.