Summer 2023

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Executive Director's Message

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It's summer! With the long days, sunshine (and rain, and wind and smoke) and hopefully some quieter days in the office we always look forward to our time with students in the summer. Each summer we host summer students, providing employment while enriching their academic experience through participation in applied research projects. This summer we are happy to be working with Alyssa - read more about her below!

For those that don't know, Miistakis is an affiliated institute with Mount Royal University. The objective of the affiliation is to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between the Institute and Institute researchers and the University and University researchers in mutually beneficial activities. As MRU's only affiliated research institute, the Miistakis Institute plays a unique role at Mount Royal working closely with MRU staff and undergraduate students to find innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges, and apply those in real-world efforts to advance conservation and environmental outcomes.

In addition to working with Alyssa this summer, Miistakis is also working with MRU's Dr. Felix Nwaishi on a research program focused on urban wetlands. This is what Dr. Nwaishi has had to say about working with Miistakis:

"Working with Miistakis Institute has been an incredible asset to my research program. Their expertise in conservation science and their commitment to practical, evidence-based solutions have greatly enhanced the impact of my research in the community. The collaborative nature of our partnership has allowed us to leverage their deep knowledge of the local context and engage with community stakeholders and decision-makers to address complex environmental problems effectively."
"One aspect of our collaboration that I particularly value is the student training opportunity that the project offered. Through my partnership with Miistakis Institute, we were able to train two Mount Royal University Environmental Science students in wetland ecosystem assessment. This hands-on experience not only advanced their academic and practical skills but also provided them with a unique opportunity to contribute to real-world conservation efforts. Their involvement has been instrumental in the success of the project, and I am grateful for the mentorship and support provided by the Miistakis Institute in fostering the growth of the next generation of environmental scientists"

Wishing all of you summer happiness.


Danah Duke, Executive Director