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New Videos: Applying Conservation Tools to Farmland

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Planning for conservation can be a challenge. Alberta's land use system is seemingly designed around development - each municipality has a Municipal Development Plan and most, if not all, name conservation of land, usually for agricultural and or environmental purposes in the preamble but the plans themselves do very little to support the activity of conservation. This is not hard to understand when their very name indicates "development" is the key. In the last number of years though Alberta has developed tools in that can support conservation planning, some of these include conservation easements, transfer of development credits and conservation offsets. The Miistakis Institute was asked to present these tools to a workshop in September 2012 hosted by the Greater Edmonton Alliance in their effort to support the City of Edmonton in creating a Food Policy. The presentations are now available publicly on YouTube (see links below). The videos cover Conservation Easements, Transfer of Development Credits, Land Swaps, and Conservation Directives considered for the purpose of agricultural land conservation.

The four videos from the workshop are now public:

Kim Good: Land Swaps and Conservation Directives

Kim Good: Conservation Easements

Kim Good: Transfer of Development Credits, Part 1

Kim Good: Transfer of Development Credits, Part 2