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State of the Beaver 2015 Conference

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I am still reflecting on all of the ideas that I was exposed to at the State of the Beaver 2015 conference. In fact, many of my conversations of late start off with "I learned something fascinating at a conference I recently attended...". The conference was held on February 18-20th in Canyonville, Oregon. It was hosted and organized by the South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership. Conference participants hailed from the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and Norway. The conference speakers were excellent, covering off a diverse range of topics from designing in-stream projects to benefit beaver restoration to the return of beaver to Britain. A real highlight for me was having the chance to meet a number of people I had interviewed for our soon-to-be-released paper comparing approaches to beaver restoration in a number of jurisdictions in North America. I also met a number of people whose research or projects I have read about previously (a.k.a. the rock stars of the beavers & watershed restoration world). It was a strong reminder of the power of meeting face-to-face with others. Email, phone calls or Skype pale in comparison to making a personal connection in real-time.

Rachelle Haddock