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Celebrating 20 Years

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Thanks to everyone who attended the wine and cheese celebration event on November 16 and to all those who passed on warm wishes for our 20th anniversary! The evening involved plenty of wine and cheese (of course!) and catching up with old friends, colleagues, and partners as well as meeting new ones. One high point of the evening was a speech given by Executive Director Danah Duke on how Miistakis has changed, yet remained the same over the years by providing high quality, relevant, and impactful conservation work in Alberta, British Columbia, Montana and beyond. Another highlight of the event was the sneak preview of Miistakis' new video, by award winning film-maker Leanne Allison, describing the work Miistakis does through the eyes of partners we have worked with over the last 20 years. Stay tuned for the official release of this video!

If you missed out on the event and want to check out some of our most impactful projects over the past 20 years, please visit our special edition celebration '20for20' website!

Thanks again to everyone for your support over Miistakis' 20 year history and here's to many more years of conservation! Cheers!!!