Winter 2018

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Boundary Creek Landowners Meeting - Cost of Community Services

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Miistakis had the opportunity to present to the Boundary Creek Landowners Association (the people down near the American border in the shadow of Chief Mountain). They wanted to hear about the Cost of Community Services Study we did for Red Deer county some years back, and learn about what it showed about the fiscal implications of different municipal land use planning choices.

The BCLA did a great job of setting up an interesting conversation by also bringing Cam Gardner, Reeve of the MD of Ranchland, and Richard Barss, Manager of Intergovernmental Affairs at Rocky View County. Both spoke on how they approach the tricky task of considering land use decisions in the context of a municipality's other priorities like fiscal responsibility, land conservation, and development pressures.

And just as a quick reminder - in that Red Deer County study, we found that the ratio of dollars received in revenues vs. dollars spent on services went like this: Residential $1 : $1.81; Commercial $1 : $0.74; Industrial $1 : $0.09; Agricultural $1 : $0.70.

Find out more about the Boundary Creek Landowners Association at their web site