Winter 2018

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Charities and Public Policy Update

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A quick update to our article last newsletter on how the value of charities' role in public policy has now been recognized.

So now what?

You may recall that it was a court ruling that struck down the federal government's ability to limit charities involvement in public policy. As happens in these situations, it goes to the federal government to lay out how they will reflect that ruling in both legislation and practice.

The legislation part is under way. Bill C86, which codifies this ruling, is currently making its way through the Senate. Philanthropic Foundations Canada reports that it should receive royal ascent before the end of the year.

Next up - the Canada Revenue Agency. Our Income Tax Act is subject to a lot of interpretation by the CRA in terms of its application, and this circumstance will be no different. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Imagine Canada has an excellent Q&A on their web site as to what is likely to change (or rather not change) with regard to partisan activity, political influence, foreign donors, and other Zombie Apocalypse scenarios:

Imagine Canada - New Public Policy Advocacy Rules for Charities