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City of Calgary Stormwater Strategy Update

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The City of Calgary is updating its Stormwater Management Strategy. The current Strategy is 13 years old now, and the City is very aware that many things have changed, including more severe and frequent storms, regulatory changes, and an Integrated Watershed Management approach that requires thinking about riparian areas, source water, and the whole watershed.

To support updating that Strategy, the City has undertaken a multi-faceted engagement strategy. A key part of that is striking 5 advisory committees including an ‘NGO and Academia’ group; Miistakis was asked to be part of that group. That group includes researchers from Mount Royal University, SAIT and the University of Calgary, as well as professionals from the Bow River Basin Council, Cows and Fish, RiverWatch, the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership, Calgary Climate Hub, and the River Valleys Committee.

Why does Miistakis care? How we manage the stormwater that arrives on our landscape has big implications for our entire natural water system - everything from groundwater to wetlands to riparian areas to natural areas are affected by these decisions. The good news is these considerations have all come up very early in these discussions. We’ll keep you posted.

The current phase (the Strategy) will be on-going for the next 4-6 months. Based on the learnings during that phase, a more detailed Stormwater Plan will be developed in Q1 of 2019. The Implementation phase will be ongoing from 2020. If you want to know more about how Calgary currently considers stormwater, visit their History of Stormwater Management page on their web site.