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Collision Count - Barbara Koch Volunteer Profile

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I was born in Ontario and moved to Alberta in my early 20's because of job opportunities. My husband and I raised two children on acreages in the Red Deer area for 25 years. Memories of wildlife encounters included listening and watching coyotes outside our front door, having a moose follow me in my cross-country ski tracks, rescuing songbirds from window strikes, picking frogs out of the lawn before I mowed the grass and digging 30 potato hills by hand because I found and relocated a salamander in one (and subsequently relocated 5 more that day).

My husband and I have lived in the Crowsnest Pass for the last six years and were drawn to the area because of its outdoor recreational and wildlife appeal. While helping build our present house, I have had a Dusty Grouse pecking my feet, seen a grizzly sow with 3 cubs while mountain biking, watched eagles while downhill skiing and snowshoed by skunks and rabbits.

We heard about Collision Count through the Crowsnest Conservation Society newsletter and at a local Outdoor Trade Show. We liked the constructive, practical approach of Collision Count and understand the growing problem of wildlife and human interactions (too often negative).

Every hike is an adventure. Trail conditions change, weather changes and the wildlife (signs and sightings) is always varied. We are grateful when we don't see any injured or dead animals.

One close call involved me on my bike, a moose, and a bike length between us (on a paved, town trail). We all have to understand that this is their place and the data collected will be a step in making it safer for all of us... wildlife and humanity.