Winter 2020

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Map of Beaver Coexistence Tools

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The beaver collaborative (Miistakis and Cows and Fish) are happy to announce the launch of the Map of Beaver Coexistence Tools! The explorative map allows users to discover sites where beaver coexistence tools are being used, why they were installed, and the desired coexistence benefit. Photos are provided for each site, as well as the date installed. Users can explore the tool in two ways, by selecting a tool type from the drop down menu, or by navigating around the map and clicking on the pin for a pop-up with more details.

Now that you're excited about this new tool, go check it out!!!

We know there are many more sites out there than what is on the map, if you have a site you would like to contribute, please email holly@rockies.ca to receive a google form for information collection (it's quick and easy to fill out).